Monday, June 26, 2017

Sandhill Crane


I am sharing the Sandhill Crane, a common bird seen in Florida. I have seen the Sandhill Cranes in a few places in Maryland also. I guess you never know where they might show up. These are Sandhill Cranes photos from our Florida neighborhood and at the Circle B Reserve.

The Sandhill Crane is a species of crane seen in North America. The adults are grey and have red foreheads and long dark pointed bills..

They live together in pairs or family groups. The Florida Sandhill Cranes are seen year round and do not migrate. 

My youtube video of the Sandhill Cranes walking in the neighborhood. You can turn the sound down and ignore hubby and I talking.. The bird sounds you hear are the Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher.

These cranes were one of my favorite Florida birds, they seemed almost tame to walk right by. I hope you enjoyed my photos and video.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday's Critters # 184

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I am sharing some grand-doggie photos and some images of the neighborhood Great Blue Herons and their chicks. We have a good view of the nest from the fire road that we take our walks on. My son's dogs visited for the first week of June, while he went to visit my sister at Ocean Isles Beach, NC.

 I took various shots of the herons on the nest as we walked by on the trail. This is the only nest that we can see in an open area. The other nest are hidden with the trees and all the leaves.

Twins, two chicks on the nest with the proud parent standing by.

Nibbles looks like she is part shepherd/lab  and Chewie has short legs like a dachshund mix.

Resting after a walk on the fire road.

Every day the grand dogs went on a walk. Once in the morning and again in the evening.  They are spoiled now.

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